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    Firefly Friends

    Firefly Friends

    Established in 1983, Leckey is a globally recognised pioneer in the research, design and development of clinically focussed, posturally supportive products.

    Its team of product advisors throughout the UK and Ireland work alongside global partners to deliver postural care and make a difference worldwide.

    Firefly shares this same beating heart and determined energy. And also like Leckey, Firefly products celebrate the versatility of life by opening up opportunites for children and families to learn and grow together.

    Our posturally supportive and clinically excellent range helps to flood physical obstacles to involvement and participation with light and opportunity.

    For us, life is all about experiences and being face to face with our friends and loved ones. By enhancing the child’s perspective and giving them the tools to ‘join in’, we can ensure that the child not only has the opportunity to join in on the buzz, but also be at the very heart of it.