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    About Us - Newsdisability.co.uk

    Disability News - www.newsdisability.co.uk | About UsDisability News was born after a close market analysis in the world of disability. The website was created to let the users interact with the countless unexplored aspects of their enormous potential and to simplify the research of new products, devices and assistive technologies solutions by an easy to use CATALOG OF AIDS for the disabled and the elderly.

    Through the pages of the catalog, which lists all the latest mobility aids and best leader trade companies present on the market, customers can require information and ask for a fast FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT, dealing directly with the manufacturers.

    Beyond these features, Disability News proposes in-depth articles about several topics: sports, employment, education, culture, free time activities, disability rights, sexuality, aids and technology, fairs, associations, videos, as well as a section dedicated to the breaking NEWS from the world of disability and a useful BLOG with products reviews.

    Disability News - www.newsdisability.co.uk | About UsIts creator, Alessio Giardini, has suffered from muscular dystrophy since birth, has a long experience in publicity and knows only too well what the problems of disability are. Surfing the net he realized how difficult it was searching for items and information pertaining health care for disabled persons: "I was really shocked about this situation so I decided to develop an easy network with several contents."

    Alessio has wanted to give a voice to all those who think that being disabled does not mean withdrawing in the shadows waiting for time to come to an end.

    Disability News fosters a philosophy according to which it is important to keep challenging oneself, set oneself goals and cultivate one's interests on a regular basis with courage and determination, so as to always feel alive and renewed. That's also why the site features numerous accounts from exceptional people who, thanks to their sheer will, have been able to reinvent themselves, giving their life a new direction, one that is positive and energetic.

    ...Fly with us!



    Executive editor: Alessio Giardini
    Writers and partners:
      - Maurizio Zeppetella
      - Paola Cabiaglia
      - Paola Cabiaglia


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