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    Speak Up! The accessibility guide

    Speak Up! The accessibility guide


    It was 1992 I suppose. I was a student at secondary school, and my english teacher started to tell why he wasn't able to go in Egypt with his friends. The company which was planning the travel said he wasn't able to fly and go to Giza to see the pyramids because of his handicap. He lost both the two legs in an accident, and the agency saw him as a problem to solve.

    It's 2013, and may be world is changing, or so i hope. In England is just born Speak Up, a guide for accessibility which wants to speak to english tourism activities. Speak Up contains information, advice and examples of good practice to help tourism operators to attract travelers with disabilities. It tries to create the "humus" able to increase this kind of tourism, which could bring to Uk about 2 billion £ a year. It's an unexpected new: disability could be a business. And on the other face, it's a little strange that a country is trying to improve its facilities for disabled people only for a mere materialistic, economic, belief. 

    However, Speak Up propose to develop three sectors: business support (to improve welcome, accessibility, business sustainability and to assist operators keep up to date with legal requirements), research & insight (- a wide range of market intelligence revealing latest market trends), marketing & pr (innovative marketing campaigns, social media channels and travel stories for national press). 

    If I am terrified by the way Speak Up improve a better country without any kind of barriers, it's clear that this kind of approach could increase media attention to disabled and disability. Speak Up could really help our cities to grow in a new, more correct, way. It's really time to change, just consider that in Uk, in 2013, one man among six is disabled or has mobility problems.
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