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    Walking aids

    The best walking aids to get out and about!

    Walking aids such as walkers (commonly referred to as walking frames or zimmer frames), rollators, standers, trainers, assistive canes (or walking sticks) and crutches, are devices designed to help people to maintain upright ambulation by providing improved stability, reduced lower-limb loading and generating movement.

    Walking aids improve stability by providing additional points of contact as they give both additional support and a wider range of stable centre of gravity positioning. They also reduce lower-limb loading by directing load through the arms and the walking aid, this way a lower impact and static forces are transmitted through the affected limbs. Walking aids also improve mobility by generating movement as they can substitute for the muscles and joints of the spine, pelvis and legs in the generation of dynamic forces during walking.

    These walking aids can make getting out and about, or simply getting around the home, a much more enjoyable and safer experience. A comprehensive range of walking aids are available in our catalogue. Our manufacturers supply many types of walking aids, everything from walking sticks and ferrule tips, through to shoppers and trolleys.

    As well as many popular walking aids, our manufacturers also stock a very wide range of walking aid accessories, so it’s easy to find everything you need in one place. Even the very smallest walking aid accessories can make a big difference and we put a high emphasis on keeping our range up to date with the latest ideas and gadgets to make your life easier.

    Here's a handy selection of best models and manufacturers for walking aids such as walking frames, zimmer frames, rollators, standers, trainers, crutches, ferrule tips, trolleys, canes and sticks.

    Feel free to contact us for requiring information and free customer support. We'll write you back as soon as possible!
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    • Happy Standing

      Walking aids

      Adjustable, rehabilitative, mobile standing frames for children designed to aid motor problems and help with interacting with people. It enables the user to be in an upright position and move about autonomously in the home...

    • Stand-up EE

      Walking aids

      Adjustable compact mobile standing frame which allow a person with motor problems to get into and stay in an upright position and move around autonomously.
      Stand-Up EE: electric-assisted elevating mechanism and manual drive hand-wheels.

    • Tompoma Crutches

      Walking aids

      Titanium is a rare, high performance metal, that is mainly used in the most advanced technological constructions, such as aeronautics, space engineering, extreme sports and, from now on, in the structure of the TOMPOMA crutches....

    Firms and manufacturers

    • Tompoma
      Tompoma crutches were subjected to a meticulous certification process relating to safety, reliability and functional innovation. CATAS s.p.a. has determined that Tompoma crutches withstand loads up to 150 kg, greatly increasing the standards of strength...
    • Firefly Friends
      Established in 1983, Leckey is a globally recognised pioneer in the research, design and development of clinically focussed, posturally supportive products.
      Its team of product advisors throughout the UK and Ireland work alongside global partners to...
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