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    Scooters for disabled

    Mobility scooters for the disabled and elderly

    If you suffer from mobility problems electric mobility scooters for disabled and elderly persons will enable you to independently regain activities such as shopping, visiting friends and generally getting out and about.

    Traditionally, a mobility scooter for the disabled and elderly has a seat over three, four or now five wheels, a flat area or foot plates for the feet, and handlebars in front to turn one, two or three steerable wheels. The seat may swivel to allow access when the front is blocked by the handlebars. Mobility scooters are usually battery powered. A battery or two is stored on board the scooter and is charged via an onboard or separate battery charger unit from standard electric power. Gasoline-powered scooters may also be available, though they are rapidly being replaced by electric models.

    Please consider that powered and electric mobility scooters may not be suitable for everyone. Users with visual, perceptual or intellectual difficulties should seek medical advice before purchasing. So, do make sure the mobility scooter you choose suits your physique and you are capable of learning how to safely drive it. 

    Mobility scooters for disabled and eldery persons could give you a new lease of life, a route to more independance and an accessible mode of transport.

    Here's a huge range of stylish mobility scooters to choose from. Please visit our catalogue to discover the best models and manufacturers for scooters for the disabled and elderly!
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    Firms and manufacturers

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