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    Motorcycles for the disabled

    Emotions at full speed

    A little as a moto, as an auto or as a snowmobile. The Spyder is the last “terrestrial“ news in the Bombardier house; it’s hard to put it in a definite cathegory, it’s easier to think that is a vehicle which the niche creates from alone.

    It was born thanks to the Bombardier’s experience in the sectors of the water motorcycles, in the ATV and in the snowmobiles. The frontal view oft he Spyder remembers a snowmobile and the lateral view is more similar to a water scooter.

    The movement is not granted from a bottom o from skates of the sledges but it’s thanks to
    three tyred wheels: 165/65 in the front side and 225/50 in the back side.

    This is created to unload the 100 cv of the twin-cylinder Rotax of 990 cc., the same which equiped with success the Aprilia RSV 1000.

    Differently from the other vehicles with three wheel, like the MP3 Piaggio, the wheels don’t bend but they remain perpendicular to the asphalt. The electronics has a big role to give tot he Spyder a neutral behaviour.

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    DisabiliAbili all pages
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