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    Accessible bathrooms

    Accessible bathroom design

    Accessible bathrooms are special toilets designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities. Public toilets and restrooms can present accessibility challenges for people with disabilities, for example those in wheelchairs. 
    Stalls may not be able to fit a wheelchair, and transferring between the wheelchair and the toilet seat may pose a challenge. Accessible bathrooms are designed to address these issues by providing more space and bars for users to grab and hold during transfers.

    Some countries have legal requirements for public restrooms and bathrooms to ensure accessibility. In the United States, most new construction for public use must be built to ADA standards for accessibility. In the United Kingdom, the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 requires organizations and businesses to make adjustments to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

    The following recommendations are becoming more common in public toilet facilities, as part of a trend towards universal design:
     - a wheelchair-height toilet, to help the user on and off the toilet, with handles (grab bars);
     - an emergency alarm, in the form of a red cord that reaches the ground, connected to a buzzer and a flashing red light;
     - a wheelchair-height sink and hand dryer;
     - wheelchair-width doors leading to it, allowing sufficient space for a wheelchair when a door is open.

    Accessible bathrooms need larger floor space than other cubicles to allow space for a wheelchair to maneuver. This space is also useful for people who are not necessarily wheelchair users, but still need physical support from someone else. A wheelchair-height changing table is also recommended, but remains rarely available. Accessible changing tables are low and accessible to a wheelchair user, and long enough for a caretaker to change an older child or adult with a disability.

    Bathroom accessories such as handles, grab bars, raised toilets, wall-hung sinks, hand-held showers, anti-scald devices and other facilities are very important for people who live in a wheelchair.

    You can surf our catalogue to discover the best devices and accessories available to design your accessible bathrooms.

    Feel free to contact us for requiring information and free customer support. We'll write you back as soon as possible!
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    • F130 - Fixed pool lift

      Accessible bathrooms

      Fixed arm structure in treated steel, equipped with plate to be fixed to the wall.
      Seat+transporter assembly or sling to lift the person by means of a remote control panel.

      - Lifting Capacity: 140 kg

      - Max....

    • F100 - Fixed pool lift

      Accessible bathrooms

      Extensible arm structure in treated steel.
      Equipped with seat for water access, fixing socket and remote control panel.

      - Lifting Capacity: 140 kg

      - Max. Arm Travel: +1150mm -250mm

      - Time of Down-lifting with Weight: 23 sec.

      - Time...

    Firms and manufacturers

    • Digi Project
      Digi Project, young and innovative company that designs and manufactures BluOne* and the F-Series, pool lifts for people with disabilities.Water is the ideal element for a number of activities that contribute to improve the health...
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