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    Quad for the disabled

    Innovations and technologies

    The quad-bike, also called quad, is a quadricycle and off-road vehicle which has a motorcycle origin.
    In a conceptual way they come from the ATV which were produced in the sixties and in the seventes. Quads are thought for the transport of people and things on routes for off-road vehicles which are particularly hard and bumpy, like mule tracks and torrent pebbly riverbank. DIfferently from the ATV, quads don’t have amphibious characteristics but they are lighter and more practical on the ground.

    In the motorcycle field, quad can be linked to militar sidecars with two engine wheels, already produced in the thirties from  european companies such as BMW, Gilera, Zundapp, otherwise they can be linked to the Mulo Meccanico, produced in the years after the Second World War from the Moto Guzzi.
    The first quad, properly called, was the Suzuki Quadrunner LT 125, presented in the 1983 and mainly assigned to the American market.

    Today quads can be divided in 2 big categories: the one of the sports quad and the other of the Utility quad; futhermore there is another cathegory which are the hybrid vehicles, also nammed Sport-utility.

    They are different because they have the drive on the 4 wheels (insertable), they have fast and reduced gears; the transmission type more used ist he cardan joint transmission because it needs less repairs as to the chain transmission. Furthermore, the majority oft he utilities has a 100 % block in the front differential gear and it’s manual and automatic; the back differential gear is always blocked. Another important characteristic oft he sports quad are the suspensions: in the utilities we can find them on all the 4 independet wheels; otherwise the mahority oft he sports vehicles has only independent front suspensions.
    The gear is automatic with a CVT Variator; this allows to better exploit the power in a offroad way because the gear with variator gives the chance to have relationships almost infinite; in this way the engine is always used to the utmost in its double engine to pass high slopes or trialist landscapes; they usually have a big swept volume, from a minimum of 50cc to a maximum of 1000cc; it’s also possible to furnish them with various accessories, like winch, snow shovels, satcellars, lawn-mower and so on.. They have a big capacity of woad which changes from quad to quad and can arrives till 1 meter. Furthermore it’s possible to enrol some utility quad like the agricultural vehicles.

    They are quad borned to meet the requirements of people who like the fast dirt patch or the medium-difficult offroad. They have the traction on the 4 wheels (insertable), some of them have also the reduceds. The transmission can be with a cartan joint or with a chain, the swept volume goes from the 450cc to the 800cc.

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