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    Everything to laugh..

    a smile prolongs life…

    An old proverb says “the smile is good for everyone”. Laughing is not only an exercise for the about 20 facial muscles: it creates also wellness to the rest of the body and it gives years of life. This is the opinion of a Japanese researcher group of the Moriguchi-Keijinkai, which has recruited a group of neomothers with children who were affected by the eczema. Some of them saw the movie of Charlie Chaplin, other of them saw a documentary of the time. Only children in the first group laughed and in their milk they discovered higher levels of melatonin: children who were nursed with this milk, revealed less allergic reactions. „The results we got, explained the researchers, show that mother‘s smiles can be helpful in the therapy of children affcted by eczema.“ Other studies had already confirmed the salutary properties of the smile, and it’s years that nurses of the Nhs, the britannic health service, are starting to follow real „workshop of the smile“, to let hospitals more comfortable and less depressing.


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    DisabiliAbili all pages
    DisabiliAbili all pages (Ing)
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