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    Free time aids

    Free time aids for the disabled, useful in everyday life

    The daily life of a person with disabilities who’s determined to avail themselves of free time aids becomes less complicated than one would think. The opportunities offered by the new assistive technologies have revolutionized the past. The current free time aids aren’t there with the sole aim of preventing the complications or worsening of a mental or physical disability, they also guarantee
    improvement of the psychological condition, allowing people to make the best of their free time.
    Modern free time aids in effect considerably reduce the mobility disadvantage and the divide which often separates the handicapped person from the world around them; sometimes they even lighten the sense of inadequacy due to possible difficulties encountered with communication.

    Starting from the use of assistive technologies and free time aids it is possible to initiate paths of recovery grounded on the concept of empowerment, namely the “strengthening” and “augmenting” of individual abilities and competence, in accord with the personality, resources and limits of the disabled person. As we said, assistive technology offers people the chance to interact with the surrounding environment, to express one’s thoughts, one’s needs, one’s wills. Because being able to communicate is a right, a natural necessity. It is the very basic premise for these individuals to find real integration.

    Free time aids permit the performing, in an utterly safe way, of activities like the management of one’s domestic life, the fullfillment of personal goals, the moving, the travels and the sport, ensuring that the disabled have the chance of making self-determined choices and enhancing their independence and self-esteem. As tools which foster autonomy, these free time aids help people to re-establish a new balance in dealing with the outer world and in the relationship with themselves, encouraging the individual to overcome physical as well as communicational obstacles.

    Have a look at our catalogue to discover the best firms and manufacturers of free time aids for the disabled and elderly.

    Feel free to contact us for requiring information and free customer support. We'll write you back as soon as possible!
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    • Carrozzina superleggera VENUS ADVENTURE

      Free time aids


    • Easywheel

      Free time aids

      Easywheel is a wheel which can be fitted to everyday wheelchairs (wit not detachable foot-rests) for all-terrain and dirt patches.
      Made in aluminium, Easywheels is supplied with a pair of tilt and width adjustable fixing...

    • Duetto bike

      Free time aids

      The aid combines a bike for a wheelchair and allows the disabled person sitting in front of capturing the emotions and experience the emotion of hiking and ask the attendant to not more limitations in...

    Firms and manufacturers

    • Disabili Abili

      Le nostre carrozzine elettroniche sono ausili che possono cambiare in meglio la tua vita.
      Scopo del nostro lavoro è cercare la miglior soluzione possibile ai problemi di mobilità. Le necessità dei nostri utenti sono per noi...
    • Tompoma
      Tompoma crutches were subjected to a meticulous certification process relating to safety, reliability and functional innovation. CATAS s.p.a. has determined that Tompoma crutches withstand loads up to 150 kg, greatly increasing the standards of strength...
    • Digi Project
      Digi Project, young and innovative company that designs and manufactures BluOne* and the F-Series, pool lifts for people with disabilities.Water is the ideal element for a number of activities that contribute to improve the health...
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