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    Physical medicine and rehabilitation

    diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation technologies

    The physical medicine and the rehabilitation refer to the medicine branch that take care of the diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of the disability which is consequent to different crippling deseases. These deseases involve a limitation of the activity and a restriction of the participation in an active life, through the reduction of the motor, cognitive and emotional function. 

    The disability usually comes after diseases in nervous system, in the ostearticular, cardiac and respiratory system and can involve also the intellective and relational sphere. In Italy to obtain the specialistic degree in the physical medicine and rehabilitation, first of all you need the degree in medicine and surgery and the professional abilitation to be surgeon, then it’s important that you attended the relative school of university and five-year specialization which is post-lauream. The specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation is the physiatrist, who usually works with a certain group: paediatrist, neurologist, nose and throat specialist, childhood neuropsychiatrist, orthopaedic, psychologist, rheumatologist. He also works in a general and multiprofessional way with another group: physiotherapy, speech therapist, therapist of the neuro and of the psychomotility, neuropsychologist and male nurse. The person with a degree in motor sciences isn’t a doctor and he can’t work in the medical sector. He can be responsible of the motor education of young people or athletes.

    The rehabilitative programs, in the field of a complex rehabilitative project and in the field of the respective competences, are developped from the physiotherapist in the motricity sector and from the speech therapist in the phonation sector. These medical and professional figures work because they got a three-year degree and in case also a specialist degree or a university master.

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    DisabiliAbili all pages
    DisabiliAbili all pages (Ing)
    Adv ing slim
    DisabiliAbili all pages
    DisabiliAbili all pages (Ing)
    Adv ing slim