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    Assist and treat mobility impairments

    The orthopaedics is the medical discipline which studies the locomotor system. It includes orthopedic surgery, that uses both surgical or nonsurgical means for the treatment of affections such as musculoskeletal traumas, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors and congenital disorders. 

    Generally, orthopaedic specialists are engaged in the diagnosis and treatments of problems of the muscle-skeletal system. It includes: bones, joints, bindings, tendons, muscles and nerves.

    A certain number of other modern professionals offers nonsurgical options to treat orthopedic problems. These are: physiotherapy, chiropratic, occupational therapy, podology and the kinesiology. The conditions which require the use of drugs during a surgical operation, are only handled from orthopedic surgeons and from podiatry surgeons. 

    The current operative sector of the orthopaedics consists of the prevention and the care of congenital malformations and locomotor apparatus deformities which are not congenital; it also consists of the diagnostic and the therapy of diseases which take place in the movement and support organs, that is backbone, arts and traumatology.

    Have a look at our catalog and the list below to discover the latest orthopedic aids and solutions made available by the best orthopedic specialists and manufacturers in the orthopedics market.

    Feel free to contact us for requiring information and free customer support. We'll write you back as soon as possible!
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    Firms and manufacturers

    • Tompoma
      Tompoma crutches were subjected to a meticulous certification process relating to safety, reliability and functional innovation. CATAS s.p.a. has determined that Tompoma crutches withstand loads up to 150 kg, greatly increasing the standards of strength...
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