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    Camper vans for disabled

    Camper van trimming and upholstery

    Camper van trimming and conversions, as well as upholstery modifications, have never been as easy as they are now. Thanks to the latest solutions and trim packages made available by the firms specialized in caravan and camper vans trimming for the disabled you will always be ready to take off

    Disability, indeed, is no longer synonymous with home-bound and a life of deprivation. Research and applications of new technologies, increasingly tailored to suit the relevant specific needs, allow for people with disabilities to live their lives as much as possible
    in touch with the outer world in a way that’s satisfying, simplified and activeTo this end, many types of camper vans for the disabled and accessible vehicles have been conceived, whether purposely built as such or adapted, to meet the multiple necessities of the buyers.

    The campervan doubtlessly appears to be the ideal means of transportation for the disabled person who wishes to travel – alone or in company – without giving up the comfort, a perfectly organized space of one’s own with all of the aids and the devices to guarantee security and total autonomy in any situation. Besides, avoiding long, complex journeys that require more stops and long inspections, such as the aeroplane for example, considerably reduces the stress involved in travelling for both the disabled and helpers.

    Thanks to the newest caravan and campervans trimming solutions and conversions, even the family of a handicapped person will be able to enjoy some leisure time without worrying: with the right equipment and a careful reckoning of the necessities, the van for people with disabilities becomes a true house on wheels which lacks nothing.

    The camper van becomes an accessible vehicle if it includes – or is expressly modified to include: an enough large door to allow entry for the wheelchair; a solid and functioning wheelchair ramp; ample internal corridors or hall; an accessible toilet fitted with basin at the right height, grab bars near the wc, shower chair and all other accessible bathroom accessories; controls like accelerator and break fitted directly onto the steering wheel so as to let the self sufficient disabled drive their own vehicle.

    There are also caravans and camper vans that are conceived for the non-self sufficient people: thanks to the ceiling hoists or electric adjustable beds and orthopedic adjustable beds, travel will be a lot easier. The firms specialized in this field provide limitless possibilities to equip and customise your camper vans.

    Have a look at our catalogue to discover the best specialists for camper vans and caravans trimming and upholstery modifications.
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    DisabiliAbili all pages
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